Census’ Management APIs allow you to deeply integrate Census functionality into your workflows. There are two separate APIs with slightly different scopes & authentication mechanisms.

  • Workspace APIs: Allow you to manage resources within a given workspace (eg. syncs, connections, models, ). They are authenticated by the workspace access token.
  • Organization APIs: Allow you to manage resources that belong to your organization (eg. workspaces, users, inviations). They are authenticated via personal access tokens.

Base URLs

To call Census’ API, use the base URL associated with your Census organization’s region (read more about Census regions here).

For US-based Census organizations:

For EU-based Census organizations:

Postman Collection

Census has a Postman Collection that encompasses all API endpoints that Census offers. Whether you are looking to quickly test out our API or trying to build custom authentication flows into your application, the Census Postman Collection will help expedite those projects.

Check out our Postman Collection here.

Get up and running with the API quickly with Postman