What’s a Partner Destination?

A Partner destination is a Custom Destination that is officially registered in our system and available for all users as if it were a first-class Census-built destination.

Why Partner Destinations?

Partner Destinations are a way for you to share your Custom Destination with the Census community. With Partner Destinations, you have a turnkey solution to get data into your product without building and maintaining a web of native integrations. Instead of building 15+ point-to-point integrations with other SaaS solutions, a Census integration lets you immediately connect centralized data in your customer’s data warehouse into your app. See our blog post for more details!

How to create a Partner Destination

  1. Build a Custom Destination: Follow our Destination Spec to build a Custom Destination.
  2. Register your destination: Create the destination via the Create a new destination type endpoint
  3. Submit your destination for review: Once you’ve built your Custom Destination, you can submit it for review by the Census team by contacting us at support@getcensus.com.

Additional Details

Please see the API Reference for more details on the endpoints mentioned above, along with others for updating/deleting these destinations.


Do Partner Destinations have rate limiting?

Partner Destinations use the Custom API rate limiting mechanisms, of which there are two:

  1. Connection-wide rate limiting
  2. Per sync-run rate limiting

Read more here

Why are my calls to create/update a destination taking a long time?

When you provide an icon_url we synchronously download it and upload it to our CDN before returning a response. This can make requests to create/update a destination take longer than usual and we will work to make this step an asynchronous job in the near future. If you do not provide the icon_url your requests should return a response within half a second or so.