Using Census Embedded features like Census Connect requires your Census account be configured as an embedded usecase. If you’d like us to set this us please contact support.

What is Census Embedded?

Census Embedded Reverse ETL allows you to offer reverse ETL capabilities within your customer-facing application easily and securely. By leveraging our management API to automatically provision new workspaces in your Census account and Census Connect to allow your customers to securely share their business application credentials, you can sync your customers’ data and run your business, Powered by Census.

How can I use Census Embedded?

Census Embedded is relevant for a wide range of usecases:

  • Unleash Your Data’s Potential: Seamlessly push your data into the tools your customers use daily. No more CSVs or hacky import scripts. Increase your data’s value to your customers by syncing it into over 200 business applications, including CRMs and marketing platforms with one simple integration.
  • Activate Customer Data Into Your Product: Enrich your product’s functionality by utilizing your clients’ operational data. Instantly allow your clients to import their data from 25+ unique data sources to power their decisions and experiences within your product, leveraging the data they already own and trust.
  • Data Activation Made Simple for Agencies: Discover why leading agencies choose Census for a hassle-free experience. Census Embedded isn’t just for customer-facing applications. Use Census Connect to securely and efficiently manage client data, unlocking new avenues for growth without the need for extensive technical infrastructure. See how you can get started with no code today.

Run your business, Powered by Census