These features are only available for Census Embedded customers. If you don’t see these options, please reach out to Customer Support.

Sync Management Links allow your customers to seamlessly configure which data to import or export.

Configuring customer syncs is easy.

  1. Generate a Sync Management Link for your customer.
  2. Your customer configures what data they want synced.
  3. The sync appears in your Census workspace.

By default, a Sync Management Link will expire after 24 hours. If you’d like them to last longer for your account, you can update this setting in your organization settings. You can also customize where users will be redirected after adding a new sync, as well as the logo that is used.

You can generate Sync Management Links via the Sync Management Link API. We recommend generating them just-in-time when users request to configure syncs from your application.

  curl --request POST \
    --url \
    --header 'Authorization: <authorization>' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data '{
        "redirect_uri": ""

The URI of a Sync Management Link can contain additional parameters to pre-fill fields in the embedded Sync Wizard.

  • source_connection_id (Integer): The ID of a Source Connection
  • model_id (Integer): The ID of a Model
  • source_hidden (Boolean, default false): Hides the Select a Source section of the Sync Wizard
  • destination_connection_id (Integer): The ID of a Destination Connection
  • destination_object_name (String): The full_name of a Destination Object
  • destination_hidden (Boolean, default false): Hides the Select a Destination section of the Sync Wizard

An example of using some of these query params in a Sync Management Link:<token>&model_id=456&destination_connection_id=789&destination_object_name=contact&source_hidden=true&destination_hidden=true

Note: These parameters are meant to provide a way to simplify the UX experience of the Sync Wizard for your users, and should not be thought of as an additional access control policy above what Census already provides via Workspaces and User Roles.

Once you’ve generated the sync management link, you can send it directly to your customer to fill out, or embed the link directly in your application using Embedded Sync Management Links.